What Paolo Merialdo, Carlo Alberto Pratesi, and Andrea Dal Piaz have been doing for years should be studied by many other universities. Dock3 – The Startup Lab is certainly among the best university incubators, the best in my opinion in Lazio. Prepared teams, pitch in English and with perfect organization. Thank you for inviting me to be part of the jury.

Federico Belli

Co-Founder & COO, Peekaboo

Congratulations on the perfect organization you have accustomed us to.

Marco Guarna

Partner, Digital Magics

As always, it is a great pleasure to see so many new future entrepreneurs starting their path. Thanks to the Dock3 – The Startup Lab team for this continuous and invaluable work of feeding the ecosystem!

Gianmarco Carnovale

Chairman, Roma Startup

lit believes in the revolutionary power of ideas. Dock3 was the catalyst to transform a thought into a concrete action. Thanks to the quality of training and the network created, today we can see our idea set sail towards a new horizon.

Alessia Lucentini

CEO, lit

With DemoDay on Tuesday our dock3training 2022 has ended. In these three months us dockers have built our first startups, a big family, and lived an experience that will surely stay with us for a long time.

Simone Cignitti

Co-Founder, DragonBlocks

We still find it hard to believe what happened. Three months ago, we were a group of young people with a great desire to do, to build a better future, but without knowing where to start. Today we are a team, with an ambitious project and with a path that is waiting to be followed.

Diana Zagarella

CEO & Co-Founder, OlivAir

Thanks to dock3 we have validated our idea, completed the team, and managed to attract the attention of our first investors.

Francesco Cavina

CEO & Founder, MyBiros

In the last two years, since we finished dock3, we have grown exponentially, expanding our service in over 7 cities throughout Italy and, currently, we have a community of over 25 thousand users.

Alessandro Angeli

CEO, Night Citizen

I paticipated in dock3 in 2019 with my partner Luca, this led us in December 2020 to launch Zwap, a networking platform, with which we have recently closed a pre-seed.

Luigi Adornetto

CTO & Co-founder, Zwap

The government is finalizing the financing of programs to create innovative startups among researchers and university students, following the virtuous example of the dock3 program implemented at Roma Tre University, which allows young people to work together around an idea and learn to do it.

Gian Paolo Manzella

Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Economic Development

dock3 gave me the opportunity to transform an idea and raw product into a real business structure, and to enter the innovation circuit made up of leading figures from the Italian Startup ecosystem. Without dock3 this would not have been possible. This is a path I would take 1,000 times and to which I really owe a lot.

Valerio Rossi

CEO & Co-Founder, Monugram

dock3 was one of the most formative experiences of my life.

Francesco Segreto

dock3 far exceeded my expectations, it taught me so much in a short time. I didn’t understand what was meant by “the importance of the team” until we started working as a team and I realized that holding leadership is not easy.

During the final applause I was moved and I would have never have thought that a project of this type could have made me feel so many emotions, all together: the energy that was created with my team, the moments of discouragement, the moments of enthusiasium, the support of the other teams, the fear of speaking to such a large audience for the first time, telling someone my idea…

Sarah Joyce

Dock3Jam was one of those experiences that we remember. Not only for having the opportunity to meet exceptional colleagues, qualified tutors, a wonderful organizing staff and professionals working with the world of startups. But also because it has formed me and given a product-oriented approach that – I confess – I had for too long been underestimated. The validation method of an idea, learned first theoretically with the teacher and then practically with the tutors, will be fundamental for any future activity. In my motivational letter I described myself as “curious and in the daily search for new knowledge”: well my curiosity was tickled and I am back loaded with new, fundamental, knowledge! Thank you for your availability and imagination in organizing this type of activity.

Jean-Luc Bussa

I think Dock3 is a fantastic training experience. Working, cooperating, interacting with people who by age, training, habits, are completely different from you is not at all easy but at the same time enriches you. I recommend this experience to all young people but also to those who, like me, are less young. He opened the window to a world I did not believe existed. Thanks to all the organizers, professors, those who have given their time to follow us and help us. I hope to be able to continue this adventure in order to learn more and more, in such a way as to be able to realize, one day, my project too.

Paola Missinato

I was so happy to have participated, I would have never expected such an event. I learned many things despite being the youngest and I think the only one who has yet to enroll in university, but for this I can feel lucky. I met new people and shared ideas, and the best thing I learned to work in a team, the main reason why I decided to participate. In short, I also enjoyed a lot and I am increasingly determined on how to continue

Chiara Paternostro

Any person with a project, or with a project idea should take part in dock3!

Antonio De Fano

The DemoDay evening was very pleasant and perfectly organized. The proposals were impeccable from the point of view of form and representation, a clear sign of the fact that students have a solid, rigorous and valid training base. No doubt about enthusiasm and passion. I believe these elements represent a great source of pride and satisfaction for the university given its strategic objectives.

Angelo Pansini

CCO & SVP, Leonardo


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