Dock3Jam is a 48-hour marathon of brainstorming, contamination, validation of ideas, business modeling and pitching, in which 100 students and researchers from each Department of RomaTre confront each other and with external professionals, working in multidisciplinary teams to develop and present a product or an innovative service.

Dock3Jam pushes the jammers to go beyond the simple presentation of the idea, accompanying them to verify the need at the base, and guiding them to consider every aspect of the idea.

Where and When

Friday, May 18, from 15:00 to 21:00 in the most beautiful villas of PiCamups , the international startup accelerator in the heart of Europe, in Rome. Appointment at 15:00 to kick off the 3 days

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May, we are instead in the DS2 classroom of the Department of Engineering of the Roma Tre University, from 9:00 to 22:00.



Here the agenda

How does it work

Anyone with an idea can present it to the other participants in a 30 sec presentation. Teams are formed on the basis of the most voted ideas and require multidisciplinary composition. The following day, each team starts to develop its idea, supported by the mentors.  Finally, on Sunday, the teams present their ideas to a jury composed by entrepreneurs and investors.

What happens next

Dock3Jam is the first step of Dock3-The Startup Lab. The most motivated students and graduates can continue the journey (either individually or with a team) with Dock3Training .


1. Where and when does the event take place? 
The event will take place in two different locations:

  • Friday, May 18, from 15:00 to 21:00 we will be in the most beautiful villas of PiCampus, the international startup accelerator in the heart of Eur in Rome (Via Indonesia 23).
  • Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 May (all day) we will instead be in the DS2 classroom of the Engineering Department of theRoma Tre University (via Vito Volterra 48).

2. What is the goal of Dock3Jam? 
The goal is to learn how to operate a business, learn to work together as a team, meet startup co-founders, colleagues, and learn new skills.

3. Can I participate in the Jam with my team? 
It is not possible to arrive at the Dock3jam with an already formed team. Each team must be multidisciplinary and will be created during the first day.

4. Can I work on my idea? 
You can propose your idea in a minute, in the initial phase of the Dock3Jam (Friday, May 18th). Try to summarize in that minute the strengths of the idea and to inspire those who listen to you to join you: to carry on your idea you have to convince at least 3 other people, with backgrounds different from yours.

5. Do I need to have an idea already? 
It is not necessary to have your own idea. Those who do not have their own idea will vote one of the ideas proposed by the other participants and can choose which team to join.

6. What do you mean by multidisciplinary? 
One of the keys to the success of a team is to be able to create and develop the entrepreneurial project taking the technological, economic, legal, market and various other areas of study into account. To achieve this, we are collecting applications from all the Departments of RomaTre, as well as from other universities. Therefore, at Jam, you will find humanists, economists, engineers, architects, jurists, scientists and many others. 

7. Are prizes won? 
The members of the most voted team will have the opportunity to participate for free in the Vetrya Summer School(5 days of study on topics such as articular intelligence and machine learning). The second and third teams will win a free all-inclusive ticket to participate in Campus Party, the largest experience of innovation and creativity in Europe.

8. What should I bring? 
You should bring your computer on Saturday and Sunday. You will need to do research online, prepare the presentation for Sunday.

9. Do I have to bring food? 
On Friday you are invited to the PiCampus dinner, starting at 20:00.

Saturday at Ingegneria RomaTre, you will find breakfast, lunch and pizza in the evening.

Sunday at Engineering, you will find breakfast and lunch.

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email: info@dock3.it

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