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2022 Edition


lit is a device that keeps track of your household consumption in terms of kW, CO2 emitted, and money saved. It helps lower your energy waste, your monthly expenditures, and carbon footprint.


Bufaga is a smart device which is mounted on vehicles to improve air quality. It is able to remove particulate matter from air, with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint of company fleets.


OlivAir is a drone designed for olive harvesting. It generates wind so that the olives fall from the tree when perfectly ripe at optimal cost, take out anywhere while being environmentally friendly.


Ares creates a green purification system applicable as an external module or integrated in washing machines and dishwashers to reduce their consumption of potable water during their operation.

Beengo Sharing

Beengo Sharing is a rental marketplace where individuals and businesses can rent out equipment turning unused resources into money while enhancing their usability and sustainability.


FlorenceCare is the smart health assistant designed to solve health problems from home. Standardize home services and centralize health information allowing continuity of care inside and outside the health facilities.


ScreenYourself provides screening tests that you can easily do at home: HPV test, fecal occult blood and BRCA for cervical, colon and breast cancer.


Sealivery delivers anything, in 1 hour, on the sea with an app that connects users aboard their boats with fully licensed tenders and local business partners to fulfill their needs.


Vision is a startup that works in the NFT and Digital Art sector creating a physical frame with an integrated wallet that allows intangible artwork to be exhibited.

Worth in Waste

A marketplace of textile waste that connects fashion designers to textile industries with leftover products. We help sustainable brands to step into a new era of fashion, a slow and circular one.

2021 Edition



Yeastime’s fermentation 2.0 process uses ultrasound technology to reduce costs and the amount of time it takes to complete the fermentation process.

Drive Safer

Drive Safer

Car sun-visor with an extendable anti-glare guard for motor vehicles.

DigItaly Arts

DigItaly Arts

Video game developer that recaptures the magic of classic video games using modern graphics and technology. 

2020 Edition

My Biros

My Biros

Tool that utilizes deep learning technology to extract textual information from any type of file. Using research from Roma Tre University, the program gets smarter and more precise with every use.



A mobile app that allows gamers to build teams and friendships through a variety of search filters. M8 has the power to instantaneously build gaming lobbies based on player interests and play styles.



Efficient, fast and intuitive route optimization software for logistics companies. With an impeccably optimized user interface, customers can edit a wide array of variables to increase efficency and cut costs by up to 30%.



Legal and transparent online ticket marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate primary and secondary ticket sales.



Mangrovia is an online marketplace that offers a green alternative to daily purchases, with a selection ranging from simple soaps to cellphones made out of recycled materials. 3% of each sales is donated to environmental charities.

2019 Edition

Night Citizen

Night Citizen

Night Citizen is a program that helps users find exciting nightlife and events quicker than ever before.



Quadrivium is the first free to play game that utilizes augmented reality and geolocation to help players explore cities! Whether or not you are in your own city or visiting a new one, the player can experience a whole new reality.



 Qubo is an app that can digitally place furniture in any space. Whether you are trying to see if your old furniture will fit in a new home or seeing if new furniture will fit in your current home, Qubo will make it possible.

There are at least 20 other startups with at least one founder who is a student or alumni of Roma Tre University.


An app that controls all devices, no matter the brand. Control everything from the TV to the thermostat to the washing machine with Alfred Smart Home. – Find out more


The largest technology convention in Europe aimed at developers. – Find out more


Real time solutions to track and develop brands online social media presence and customer engagement. – Find out more


Filo is a small device that helps you find your belongings. Attatch it to your stuff and with the Filo app, you will never lose it again.- Find out more


Widely known under it’s previous name (CoContest) GoPillar is an architectural crowdsourcing platform. Customers can pitch their arhitectural project ideas on the platform, and architects can create digital models to compete for the project. The customer is then allowed to select which architects design they would like to utilize. – Find out More

Interactive Project

The startup that was acquired by Motorsport for an undisclosed amount had developed a proprietary technology that greatly increases the speed that racing games can be developed.- Find out more

Med in Action

An app that allows the user to get in contact with a doctor with a simple press of a button. – Find out more


A cloud service that allows users to backup and use files across all their files. Memopal compresses the data on a higher level than market standards, so customers can enjoy increased download speed and saftey. – Find out more


Legal filing service for any project, idea or creative work that allows you to obtain legal certification. Aquire copyright for anything.- Find out more


A cutting-edge customer loyalty tool concentrating on the entertainment sector. With an already established wide customer base in Italy, Pubster is prepared to become a player in other European markets. – Find out more


The first social media that shows you what is happening near you and the places you love in real time. – Find out more


The app allows customers to queue remotely. Qurami currently collaborates with over 300 entities in Italy such as Enel, Wind, the municipalities of Rome, Florence, Trieste, Milan’s chamber of commerce, the Turin tax office, the universities of Rome and Padua, and multiple hospitals and clinics. – Find out more


B2B electric scooters. Scuter provides employees with electric scooters to reduce travel time. Each scooter can circulate the ZTL and is personally brandable. – Find out more


Consulting for startups in information technology, business development, marketing and finance. – Find out more

Social Academy

Social Academy helps people reach their full potential through online and in-person training courses, career coaching, and skill games. Social Academy can also help you find job opportunities.Find out more


Development platform for people of all skill levels. Allows users to combine all APIs without needing to hire a developer. Find out more


Stip builds software that optimally automates corporate “customer care (customer relations?)” With stip, you will only need to contact the customer, we will handle the rest!Find out more


Tutored is an app that connects students and allows them to share notes, study together, find the most frequently asked questions on exams, and discover the best places to work after graduation.Find out more


Unfraud is a security platform that recognizes and prevents fraud before it happens in real-time. With Unfraud, customers can be more confident and have no security worries.Find out more


An affordable, fast to activate, easy to use cloud PBX software for small businesses that want to receive calls professionally. – Find out more


An app that compares all possibilities for your travel plans, and finds the best option for you. Wanderio allows you to buy your ticket with just one click!Find out more


Wonderflow provides world leading brands with advanced market research about the consumer experience of products and services. So far Wonderflow delivered thousands of insights gathered from 4 different continents and that have impacted the experience of millions of consumers around the world. – Find out more


Trovabando is the first subsidized finance platform that helps consultate companies to find the best European fundraising opportunities. Find out more

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