dock3 Training

100 university students, researchers, and graduates selected from hundreds of applications from over 50 universities have the opportunity to form multidisciplinary teams, define and perfect a business idea and validate it on the market, accompanied by 50 mentors

It starts in April with the composition of the teams (it is possible to apply both individually and with your own team). It continues in May with 9 webinars (on topics such as problem identification, lean management, customer discovery, business model, MVP, investor pitch) and ends in June with 3 pitch tests.

The teams must meet two criteria:

  • Team size: a minimum of three, and a maximum of five members;
  • Multidisciplinary: no more than two participants from the same academic background.


dock3 Training Calendar

  • Monday April 4th: Team building
  • Thursday April 7th: Team building on the ground – in person
  • Monday April 11th: Startup basics
  • Thursday April 14th: YCombinator startup presentation (optional)
  • Tuesday April 19th: Idea Lab (optional)
  • Thursday April 21st: Game zone (optional)
  • Tuesday April 26th: Lean Management
  • Thursday April 28th: Problem Identification – in person
  • Monday May 2nd: Customer Discovery
  • Thursday May. 5th: Qualitative Interviews
  • Monday May 9th: Lean metrics
  • Thursday May 12th: MVP
  • Monday May 16th: Business model
  • Thursday May 19th: Business model lab
  • Monday May 23rd: What do investors expect from a pitch?
  • May 26-27th: 1° Pitch Test
  • June 6-7th: 2° Pitch Test – in person
  • June 16-17th: 3° Pitch test – in person


Who is allowed to participate?
University students and alumni from anywhere in the world are welcome and encouraged to apply. We prefer that students with three years of study under their belt, but all qualified and passionate individuals will be considered.

Is the program online or in person?
The majority of the meetings will be online, but with periodic in person events.

How long does the program take? What is the agenda? dock3training takes place over a three month period with 12 compulsory meetings. There are a total of nine webinars and three in person pitch tests.

Do I participate alone or with a team?
It is possible to apply alone or as a team. Once you are accepted to dock3training 2022, every participant has a one month period to build an interdisciplinary team. Two requirements must be met:

  1. Team Size: Each team must have a minimum of three people, with a maximum of five. (all participants must be from the pool of dock3 participants for the given period);
  2. Multidiciplinary: Each team needs to have at least 2 participants from the same academic background.

If we are a team of three engineers, can we still participate?
Per la suddivisione settoriale degli ingegneri, si fa riferimento alle tre sezioni indicate nel D.p.r. n°328 del 5 giugno 2001: a) civile e ambientale; b) industriale; c) dell’informazione.

When will I know if I have been accepted?
We read and respond to all applications within one week of reciving the application.

What do you look for in a dock3 canidate?

Applicants are accepted on these criteria, in order.

  1. motivation is key
  2. Previous experiences and hard skills
  3. a balanced and widespread base of academic disciplines (if we have already accepted enough students of one discipline, we will concentrate on accepting students of other disciplines)
  4. The order in which we recieve the applications

What kind of ideas are accepted? 
Any kind of innovative business idea can be accepted. The program is designed for new replicable and scaleable products and services.

DemoDay and Acceleration

On June 28th, dock3’s best teams have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of dozens of entrepreneurs, investors, and managers. The most promising teams will receive rewards of over 100,000 and will have access to dedicated acceleration programs to further develop the company, develop their business, and get to market. There are multiple prizes participants can earn:

Lazio Region: 30,000€ for the three DemoDay winners.

Tree Horizon: up to 40,000€ for startups concentrated on circular economic development, environmental sustainability, with possible subsequent investment.

Omniaclouds: 5,000€ for the best team in the blockchain and cloud computing sector.

House of Emerging Technologies: The city of Rome in collaboration with four elite Roman universities, dock3, LVenture Group, Peekaboo, and Innova is providing a pre-acceleration program (with reimbursements of up to 50,000€) for six teams engaged in cultural tourism innovation and sustainable mobility.

If  you are curious to see how a dock3 DomoDay works, check out the complete 2021 DemoDay here: dock3 DemoDay 2020/21



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