100 university students, researchers, and graduates selected from hundreds of applicants from over 50 universities have the opportunity to form multidisciplinary teams, define and perfect their business idea, and validate it on the market, accompanied by 50 mentors.

It starts in April with team building. In May, some central topics of the lean startup are addressed over 9 webinars, for example, problem identification, lean management, customer discovery, business model, MVP, investor pitch. Finally, June is dedicated to 3 rehearsal pitch presentations. The meetings are generally held on Monday, from 6 to 7:30 pm and Thursdays, from 4 to 7 pm.

You can register both individually and as a team. The team must follow two rules:

  • Team size: between 3 and 5 members;
  • Multidisciplinary: maximum of two people with the same academic background.


dock3 Training Calendar 2022

  • Monday 4 April: Team building
  • Thursday 7 April: Team building on the ground – in person
  • Monday 11 April: Startup basics
  • Thursday 14 April: YCombinator startup presentation (optional)
  • Tuesday 19 April: Idea lab (optional)
  • Thursday 21 April: Game zone (optional)
  • Tuesday 26 April: Lean management
  • Thursday 28 May:  Problem Identification – in person
  • Monday 2 May: Client Discovery
  • Thursday 5 May: Qualitative Interviews
  • Monday 9 May: Lean metrics
  • Thursday 12 May: MVP
  • Monday 16 May: Business model
  • Thursday 19 May: Business model lab – in person
  • Monday 23 May: What investors expect from a pitch
  • Thursday 26-Friday 27 May: 1st rehearsal pitch
  • Tuesday 7 June-Wednesday 8 June: 2nd rehearsal pitch – in person
  • Wednesday 15-Thursday 16 June: 3rd rehearsal pitch – in person


Who can participate?
This course is aimed at students and graduates from anywhere in the world with no age restriction. We reccommend the participants be in the third year of their Bachelor’s degree.

Is the program online or in person?
The majority is held online and some is in person.

How long does it last and how is it structured? dock3training lasts 3 months and is divided into 12 meetings with mandatory attendance: 9 webinars and 3 rehearsal pitch presentations.

Do you participate individually or on a team?
It is possible to apply as an individual or a team. Once selected for dock3training 2022, you have one month to put together a team comprised of participants. Your team must follow the two rules:

1. Numbers: Each team must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people (among them must be participating in dock3training 2022).

II. Multidiciplinary: Each team must have a maximum of 2 members with the same academic background.

We are a team of 3 engineers, can we participate?
For the subdivisions of engineers, reference is made to the three sections indicated in Presidential Decree No. 328 of June 2001: a) civil and environmental; b) industrial; c) information.

When will I know if I have been selected?
We are committed to reading all applications and responding to all of them within a week of closing the call.

What criteria do I need to fulfill to be selected?

  1. Motivation 
  2. Previous experiences and skills
  3. A balanced and widespread base of academic disciplines 
  4. The order in which we recieve the applications

What kind of ideas are allowed? 
It is possible to present any type of innovative business idea. This program is designed for thinking about new, replicable, and scaleable products and services.



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