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dock3 – The Startup Lab is the startup training and incubation program, partner of CTE – Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti of Roma Capitale,  recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as a national model of education for innovative entrepreneurship.

Every year dock3 trains 100 young entrepreneurs and 15 new startups – coming from 75 different universities in Europe – and presents them for the first time to Italian and international accelerators and venture capital funds.

Since 2018 dock3 continues the work begun in 2010 by InnovAction Lab – a pioneer program in Italy of startup training from which hundreds of startups were born. Several dock3 alumni are now consolidated companies.


Paolo Merialdo

Cofounder & Scientific Committee

Carlo Alberto Pratesi

Cofounder & Scientific Committee

Andrea Dal Piaz

Cofounder & Program Manager

Maria Chiara Giorda

Scientific Committee

Donatella Montemurno

Education manager

Mattia Ruscio

Social Media Manager

email: info@dock3.it

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