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dock3 – The Startup Lab is the startup training and incubation program, partner of CTE – Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti of Roma Capitale,  recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as a national model of education for innovative entrepreneurship.

Every year dock3 trains 100 young entrepreneurs and 15 new startups – coming from 75 different universities in Europe – and presents them for the first time to Italian and international accelerators and venture capital funds.

Since 2018 dock3 has been carrying on the legacy started in 2010 by InnovAction Lab, an innovative program in Italy dedicated to training startups, which has led to the creation of numerous successful ventures for dock3’s alumni.


Paolo Merialdo

Cofounder & Scientific Committee

Carlo Alberto Pratesi

Cofounder & Scientific Committee

Andrea Dal Piaz

Cofounder & Program Manager

Maria Chiara Giorda

Scientific Committee

Donatella Montemurno

Education manager

Mattia Ruscio

Social Media Manager

email: info@dock3.it

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