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The government is financing programs to create a breeding ground for new startups. With researchers and students following the example of Dock3. The best practice I have seen in Italy Dock3 gives students the opportunity to develop their ideas.
Gian Paolo Manzella

Former Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

Dock3 gave me the opportunity to transform my idea and product prototype into a real business and connect me with leaders in the Italian startup ecosystem. Without Dock3, none of this would have been possible. I would participate in Dock3 a thousand times over if given the chance.
Valerio Rossi

Dock3 was one of the most formative experiences of my life.

Francesco Segreto

Dock3 far exceeded my expectations, it taught me so much in so little time. I didn’t understand what people meant when talking about the importance of a team until we started working as a team and I experienced how difficult being a leader was.
During the final applause, I was moved, I never would have thought that a project of this type could make me feel so many emotions. The energy and dynamic of the team, the moments of discouragement, moments of enthusiasm, the support network with the other teams, the fear of speaking to such large audiences, and pitching my idea.


Sarah Joyce

Dock3 was an experience that one remembers forever. Not just because of the opportunity to meet exceptional colleagues, qualified tutors, a splendid organizing staff, and professionals from the startup scene; but because of the professional training and product-oriented approach that I had underestimated for too long. The process of first validating an idea that I learned theoretically in the classroom rather than later through the real-life application will be fundamental to my future career. In my motivational letter, I described myself as “curious and in the daily search for new knowledge”. My curiosity was fulfilled, and I came out of the program with new, fundamental knowledge! Thank you to Dock3 for the opportunity and for organizing such a complex program.
Jean-Luc Bussa

 I think Dock3 is a fantastic training experience. It gives you the opportunity to work, cooperate, interact and innovate with people of all ages, walks of life, and habits all while further enriching your life. I recommend this to all people, young or not so young. Dock3 opened the door to me into a world I didn’t know existed. Thank you to all of the organizers, professors, and anyone who has given their valuable time to assist us on this journey. I hope to continue this adventure in order to learn more and more so one day, my project will be finalized.
Paola Missinato

I was delighted to participate in Dock3, I never would have expected such an enriching program. I learned many things despite being the youngest, and only person yet to have enrolled in university. That being said, for that specific reason, I feel extremely lucky. I met many new people and shared ideas, and most importantly I learned to work in a team. In short, I have learned so much and am determined to continue my journey.
Chiara Paternostro

Anyone with a project or project idea should join Dock3!

Antonio De Fano

The DemoDay evening was very pleasant and perfectly organized. The proposals were impeccable in their form and clarity, a surefire sign that the students have a rigorous educational base. I have no doubts about their enthusiasm and passion. From what I saw, I believe that the students have great pride and satisfaction in themselves and the university gave its strategic objectives.

Ing. Angelo Pansini, Direttore Strategie, Divisione elettronica per la difesa terrestre e navale, Leonardo

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