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What is Dock3?


Dock3 – The Startup Lab is the new path of training, incubation and open innovation program open to all university students, former students and professionals who want to experiment their entrepreneurial skills and validate a business project.

It is not necessary to have an entrepreneurial idea to apply. The idea can be drafted during Dock3Jam or Dock3Training , thanks to the help of the mentors and the other participants. During Dock3Sprint , startups will be accelerated through a series of meetings, mentor sessions , idea validation tests and preparation for a presentation in front of possible investors.


Why participate


Connessione con talenti e professionisti da tutta l’Europa per formare e consolidare il team

Network europeo

Accesso a un network di mentor, investitori, acceleratori, aziende e startup in tutta l’Europa

Spazio di coworking

Postazione gratuita per l’intero team durante tutto il programma di incubazione


The mentors are entrepreneurs, investors, founders of startups, managers and industry experts who follow and support the development of teams, giving indications and qualified feedback on how to grow business projects. Here are 4 of our mentors.



We are at the Engineering Department of Roma Tre – via Vito Volterra 60.

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